About Me!

"Moments of inspiration in nature" by Priya Murahari

Priya’s sense of adventure, passion for travel and immense curiosity about nature have been a driving force for her photographic pursuits. In the search for a beautiful sunrise (or a moonrise) or a spectacular bird migration event; the time spent outdoors have been truly inspirational for her artistry. Her interest in nature have been nurtured by many inspirational experiences during her formative years as a Girl Scout. Her creations include landscape, wildlife and astrophotography.

Having lived in Minnesota for the past 10 years, She has relished the opportunity to capture the four season transitions in this beautiful state. The Boundary Waters, with pristine interconnected lakes and gorgeous sunrises (and sunsets!) is a hidden treasure and holds a special place in her heart. In addition, her goal of visiting all the national parks in the US has been a great source of motivation for her creations.

Priya is a biologist with an artistic bent of mind, who has combined her STEM experience and passion for photography to capture interactions between wildlife and their environment. She has also perfected a unique method of 3D-like portrayal of her photographs; where an overlay of acrylic or metal on canvas and other base medium creates carefully layered scenes from nature; which blend seamlessly to reveal different textures and levels of vividness.

As a new artist who relishes her photographic expeditions in the great outdoors, she has exhibited her work at several art fairs. This art fair experience and interaction with wonderful patrons helps her grow as a photographer artist everyday. If the audience can perceive a sense of wonderment, inspiration and tranquility from these photographs, then it is indeed a triumph for her efforts.