"Moments of inspiration in nature"

I have perfected a unique method of 3D-like portrayal of my photographs; where an overlay of metal on canvas together with beautiful wooden frames creates carefully layered scenes from nature; which blend seamlessly to reveal different textures and levels of vividness. These unique Fine art photographic prints will make a wonderful addition to your home decor or a gift to someone you love!!!!

Voyageurs Dream!

 Pristine interconnected lakes, gorgeous sunsets and portaging your canoe -  Visiting Voyageurs National Park is an experience so unique to Minnesota. A rite of passage for many a Minnesota resident, this place pulls with a mystic urge for exploration that brings such great memories.

Metal/ Canvas/ Wooden Frame

11 x 25


New Beginnings!

Fresh air, serene waters, magical light at the beginning of a new day at Boundary Waters is an experience to be cherished. The pristine lakes are a wonderful background to the quintessential canoe in these parts!

 Metal/Canvas/Wooden frame

(15 x 25)


Nature's Kiss, Key West!

A colorful symphony in this beautiful kiss between a resplendent sky and the playful waves Instills a sense of wonderment and peace within oneself!


20 x 40

$ 610

Walk in the woods, Itasca State Park!

Walk in the woods, Itasca State Park! The birthplace of the mighty Mississippi delivers a powerful reminder of the beauty in the forest floor. Shedding leaves to create a masterpiece, one more from Nature! 

Canvas 20 x 37


Call of the Loon!

Isle Royale Loon: Isle Royals National Park is a hidden treasure, such breathtaking scenes created by the Big Lake and to see Minnesota’s state bird building a nest near our campsite was a cherry on the cake!

Metal/Canvas/Wooden frame

(13 x 25)


Good Moon Rising!

Lunar Metamorphosis: Elegance personified, the lunar eclipse is a heavenly dance that takes on a lifelike metamorphosis in this unique collage depicting different stages of the eclipse of moon.

Metal/Canvas/Wooden frame

16 x 25

$ 345

Fall Reflection!!

Fleeting Reflections in the streams of time: Fall trees in full glory reflecting off a tilting sun conjures up nature’s orange Christmas tree at Boundary Waters

Metal/ Canvas/ Wooden frame

16x 26


Shades of Life!!!!

Submerged in glassy waters; different stages of coloring in these fall leaves depicts a sense of contentment at Nature’s subtle masterpiece

Metal/ Canvas/ Frame

25 x 17 

$ 450

 Sunset Odyssey, South Dakota!

There are times when absolute treasures show up when you least expect them; we were witness to this serendipitous framing of a gorgeous sunset by a ranch entrance in South Dakota


 19 x 24